What is Exchange Block Library?

Exchange Block Libraries are copyrighted Blocks Explorer .Net compatible block libraries.

Exchange Block Libraries are marketed through the Block Library Exchange.

Exchange Block Libraries are installed from File menu or Library Hub.

There are both paid and free Exchange Block Libraries.


Market Your Own Block Libraries!

Blocks Explorer .Net registered users can market their own libraries through the Block Library Exchange.

For details see http://mbgsolutions.com/blocklibraries/customlibrarysubmit.


Exchange Block Library Installation

·      Click File menu and select Download Exchange Block Library. You will be connected to the Blocks Explorer Library Exchange web page

·      Select a library installation zip file (ExchLibXXXX.zip) from the Free or Paid sections and download it to your computer

·      From the Blocks Explorer File menu, select Install Exchange Block Library and select the previously downloaded  library zip file

Trial Mode

In the initial Exchange Block Library installation, it is in View Only mode and block insertion is disabled.


License Registration and Extending Existing License Subscription Term

·      From Blocks Explorer .Net select Library Hub tab

·      Select which library you want to register

·      From the Library Info window, click Status and select Add New Subscription or Extend License

·      The Internet browser window will display your Shopping Cart with the products selected

·      Follow the displayed instructions  


To enable insertion from a paid Exchange Block Library, users are required to purchase a library subscription (see Product License Registration Process). 


Licensed Exchange Block Library can be modified as follows:

·      Blocks can be renamed, deleted or moved between folders

·      Library folders renamed, deleted, or moved

·      To protect the Exchange Block Library copyright, blocks and library folders cannot be moved to another library, and cannot be checked out to a .dwg file or used as an X-reference.