Standards Manager for AutoCAD Blocks


Accessible by users with Edit BE Standards access rights (see User Access ).

Use this view to configure and modify block library standards.

Blocks Explorer .Net supports two ways to configure block-insert Layer, Color and Line type (LCL):

1.  Block Level configuration — specify the LCL for each block using the Active Block Settings module. Configuration is stored in each library and is applied to every instance of this block’s insert.

2.  Standards Level configuration — specify LCL using this module.
Configuration is stored in the Library Hub.

This is the most efficient way of applying LCL, as it allows users to create multiple configurations (standards) for the same libraries. 

You can preset a standard for each client and assign this standard to client drawings. Blocks Explorer .Net will use this standard when a block is inserted to automatically place it on the correct layer with the appropriate color and line type.

When configuring a standard, an editor assigns the desired LCL to library folders.

For example:

Assigning Piping folder to “Piping” layer.

Then any block from the folders Piping, Actuators, Misc. and Valves will be inserted on the layer “Piping” with the color and line type “ByLayer.”


See also Standard Configuration